Monday, January 04, 2010


Goals for 2010:

Do one set of 20 pull-ups. This accomplishment has been done by me exactly one time, post-OCS, in 2000. Ten years is too long to go between. I need to get on it. I'm probably up to 13 or so now for a max set. My pull-ups took a back seat when my shoulder got banged up in September.

Run a sub 3:00 marathon. If things go well, I've got two shots at it this spring: Tobacco Road and Lake Wobegon. Just got to keep up the speed work. This will be a six minute p.r., but that p.r. will be 2 years old in Feburary, so it's about time to improve on it.

Bench press and Squat 200 pounds. This is something that I've wanted to get back to for some time and getting stronger is only going to get more difficult as I get older. Looking at getting a bench and rack this month. Until then, I'll do push-ups and lunges and dead lifts. Two workouts on each exercise per week.

Finish Leadville Trail 100 Miler. I only have one shot at this one, so I've got to make it count. My only goal at Leadville will be to finish under 30:00. I'll have a full two months to get in great shape then will have to race smart in order to finish.

Get 500 mile belt buckle at Hinson Lake. This, on paper, should be my easiest goal for 2010 to achieve since I only lack 61 miles. If healthly, I'll go for it again and see just how many miles I can do.

Good luck to all on all of your goals for 2010!