Friday, April 27, 2012

May Events

Once again, the Titus van Rijn Raleigh Classic will take place on May 6th.

Past coverage here, here, and here.

Location Martin Middle School (same as last 2 years), time-7:00 a.m. New twist this year. Each runner is asked to bring 2 of your favorite cherry sodas to share.

In addition, the Memorial Day Mile will be May 28th.

This event is selfish in nature in that I want to run a sub 5:00 mile and wanted company. I'd love for it to be the venue for others to set pr's or go after time goals: sub 6:00, 7:00, 5:30, etc. We'll probably do a men's event and a women's event. I hope to have a few prizes, but ask that each runner bring 2 of your favorite post mile race beverages to share.

RSVP via email or facebook event.


Meghan Hegarty said...

Yes yes yes... oddly enough, this is one of my favorite runs of the year!

UltraBrad said...

Well, you are the 3-time defending champion!

Meghan Hegarty said...

Mainly because I've shown up for the past 3-years

UltraBrad said...

Hey, that's my excuse too!

Matt said...

I will plan to be there also.