Wednesday, May 02, 2012

2012 Goals April Review

April was like March, which was pretty similar to February.

In short, my goals were:

1. Bike Commute More - April was a pretty good month.  I biked to work 13 days, so over half the work month.  That takes me to 25 days for the year.

2. Run a sub 20 minute 5k each week - I was 5 for 5 through January and haven't done one since. I ran a 10k on the last weekend day of the month in 40:15, which according to McMillan's widget, is equivalent to a 19:23 5k.  Don't think I'm going to count it though.  Maybe I'll do a couple in May...

3. Do sit-ups every day - D-.  I did 100 sit-ups 5 days.

4. Pay off $10,000 in mortgage principle - We're up to $2,202.26 of principle paid off over the first 4 months. Hopefully the side work will pick up and I can throw more at it.  The re-fi is still a possibility with the new HARP rules, so hopefully we'll find out something soon.  We're not quite to where we'll need $1,000 per month to pull it off, but it's close.  $7,797.74 to go over the next 8 months.

5. Run more and aim for 3000 miles - Still a Fail. Total of 118 for the month, up to 446 for the year.  Yikes!  But, the knee is just about 100%, so I hope to build slowly.  It was a frustrating 3 months, but it's getting there!

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