Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Incredibly Busy

It kind of snuck up on me/us.  Back in December, we had the Holidays.  Then in January we had a lot of winter weather.  In February I was so focused on the Whole 30 that I didn't notice it looming.  Then March hit and the complete and utter chaos that was our schedule reared up.

We hit a period of 5 7-day work weeks (me) combined with 3 to 4 work nights a week (her) and another obligation on Monday nights (me) for a total of not much time for the two (or four) of us together, and something had to give.  I've already shed upcoming commitments in an attempt to bring back some balance and I'm thankful that no long-term damage was done.

March is now over and while the beginning of April doesn't look a whole lot better, there is light at the end of the tunnel.  Going forward, I have a good, fresh, reminder of the need for balance and the fact that there are much more important things (people) in my life that deserve my time.  Spring (any season, really), is a great time to look back, look ahead and make adjustments to our course.  The weather this week has provided a gentle reminder that relaxation and fun are as important as work and toil.

My running streak also ended on March 28th.  The old knees just weren't getting any better with cold, rainy weather, so I decided to finally rest them from running impact.  So, my new longest ever running streak is 86 days and honestly, I'll probably never come close to that again.  Again with the balance, I'm hoping to do a lot more bike riding with the warmer months and may even find my way back to my outdoor gym.  Variety is a good thing and I'm relearning how to embrace it.  That said, I've got to find a way to get ready for the 100 mile race I signed up for in October.  For that, I'm thinking a combination of 3 days of quality running with 3-4 days of biking, plus some weights will get me close enough to in shape over the next 180 days!

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Rachel said...

My knees are giving me trouble too! Getting old sucks. Running wise.....